Designing a town for everyone

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 10:30

After in-depth pubic consultation, we’ve now prepared the final draft of the Design Code for Phase 2 of Northstowe, which has been submitted to the District Council for approval.

The Northstowe Phase 2 Design Code will be an invaluable resource that will serve as a technical guide for the town’s development.

Following public consultations during May/June 2016 and April/May 2017, we received over 240 comments that have fed into the draft Design Code.

The feedback stressed the importance of ensuring that the code is aspirational, realistic and enforceable. There were calls for more detail in relation to the town centre, a flexible approach towards environmental sustainability and opportunities for public art and heritage boards.

The document sets out guidelines for the detailed design of Phase 2 and covers a wide breadth of elements for what will be a substantial development to be built over a long timeframe. It needs to retain flexibility in some areas whilst providing strong consistency in others.

The Design Code comprises four main sections including: Background and purpose, Site wide requirements (urban design, landscape structure requirements etc), Character areas (creation of different neighbourhoods), and Site wide detailed requirements (including public spaces and parking facilities).

All detailed proposals for new homes will need to comply with the Design Code.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has appointed Tibbalds Planning and Design and Proctor & Matthews Architects to produce designs for the first 380 homes on Phase 2.

Proctor & Matthews Architects have won multiple awards for new housing. It is hoped that proposals will be submitted for planning approval towards the end of this year (2017) to enable house building to commence in 2018 ready for first occupations on Phase 2 in Spring 2019.

The HCA is also appointing consultants to produce a Town Centre Strategy to guide the development of the future town centre and infrastructure contractors to commence strategic road building, earthworks and drainage works on Phase 2 before the end of this year.


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